About Me

I am Rory Milligan – Kenukie.

I am a 25-year-old author specializing in YA fantasy/sci-fi novels. I currently live in Missoula, Montana, and I spend most of my days working on my writing, recording gaming videos, or sleeping. When I’m not writing or gaming, I enjoy doing puzzles, listening to music, going to bar bingo with friends, coloring, and petting my dog, Nova. Check out my Written Works page to see what I’m writing right now.

I have a Patreon! Here, I write short stories and poems in a variety of genres, including romance, horror, and drama; I also have a condensed, reimagined version of my debut novel coming out chapter by chapter. There are also a variety of short story series, mostly centered on mental health issues. This is all available on my $1/month tier. I also include behind-the-scenes features of my writing process and explanations of my short stories dealing with mental health, plus bonus articles directly from the characters, and occasional photos on my $5/month tier. If you’d like to support me while I struggle along as well as read some emotional short stories and poems, then check it out at the link above or on my Helpful Links page.

I have started a blog on mental health, where I intend to raise awareness for mental illnesses, particularly the ones I suffer from personally. You can navigate to it from the above menu. I am open to questions or comments, either on the blog posts themselves, on my social media, or via email–my business email is above. For social media, I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

I have a YouTube channel under my online alias, Kenukie, where I put up gaming videos. Click here to see it, or click the YouTube icon above or on my Helpful Links page. I currently have playthroughs of several different games, including Amnesia: Rebirth, Little Nightmares, and the BioShock series. I’m currently playing through Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Alien: Isolation, and Serious Sam: The First Encounter. When I can afford an adequate computer, I will begin streaming on Twitch as well. You can support me in that by sparing a donation on my Helpful Links page or by pledging to my Patreon.

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