Written Works

The Door’s Shadow –

Shortly after finding out that she and her brother, Liam, are what people call Chosen, Liz’s hometown is burned to the ground by demons. Liz and Liam flee to seek refuge with Queen Isabella in Aloria, Alyspar’s capital city. However, after meeting Princess Arabella and a Royal Guard-in-training, Graham, they soon find out that Queen Isabella has her own sinister plans in store, and not everything is as it seems…

My debut novel, The Door’s Shadow, was nominated for the IPPY Best Teen Novel award in 2021. It was previously published by a hybrid publishing house, which has since shut down. Though it was relatively successful, I am currently rewriting it from scratch to properly fit the market in the future.

Colors –

Colors is a collection of poems, each poem sorted into a specific color based on its content. It is an emotionally-driven journey centering on the meaning of feeling. Colors was originally going to be published in early 2022 by The Get It Factory, which has since shut down. If you are interested as an agent or publisher, you can find my business email on my “about me” page.

Other Projects –

I am rewriting my original novel, The Door’s Shadow, to incorporate more recent feedback and to fit the modern market. This will compare with the original novel plus an additional sequel, both fleshed out more thoroughly. Past that, I have two novellas related to this story about characters who are not as physically present as the main characters.

I’m also working on an independent young adult sci-fi novel about different dimensions. This takes place approximately 50 miles east of Seattle, centering on Harper Harley, who finds herself in a mess of events relating to her work’s research and conflicting with her ethical standards.

I have four other novel ideas that I will begin working on after these others are more finalized.

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