Personal Update – Antipsychotic Change

My PCP suspects I may have developed sleep apnea at some point, and this has caused my psychiatrist to change up my antipsychotic, which acts somewhat as a sedative for me. What will happen next is a mystery…

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Episode 47 – Different Mental Health Professionals

There are significant but subtle differences between these four mental health professionals: psychiatrist; psychiatric nurse practitioner; psychologist; and therapist. While they are closely related, they come with different qualifications, certifications, and treatments.

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Episode 46 – Shades of Sorrow

Depression, either as a symptom or as the disorder itself, can manifest in different ways. Here, I talk a bit about my three main types I’ve felt–anger as an adolescent; flat depression and mood cycling depression as they alternate in my later years.

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Personal Update – The End

Hopefully the last personal update on this latest mood cycling+depression episode I’ve had over the last month. Kind of a thought ramble, really. We discuss a couple aspects of BPD and how it factors into this, then of course how the depressive episode has.

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Personal Update – Damages and Depression

This starts out as just me talking about how my relationship has so far been affected by my two weeks of mood cycling. Then it devolves into me talking about the depression I am currently in. Sorry, Mom.

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