Personal Update – Cycling

This looong post goes into my week of mood cycling. If you want to read about what kinds of effects mood cycling can have on a person with minor inconveniences with everyday events, read through this. More updates to come…

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Episode 45 – Mood Cycling and Stress

I wanted to talk about mood cycling a bit more, but this turned into me talking about how stress possibly impacted my cycling mood. I explain my current stressors, including some of the timing of my mood cycling and the stressors.

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Happy Holidays!

This is largely unrelated to mental health, which is the whole purpose of this blog, but I just wanted to say some things!

I had some trouble getting festive this holiday season. I guess the time just came on too fast. I celebrate Christmas, and Christmas came sooner than I was ready for!

I went to Augusta, Montana to celebrate Christmas with family, and once I got there, I got in the spirit almost right away. We have so many little traditions and things we do that just, by virtue of nostalgia, make me feel Christmas-y off the bat. From tacos in a bag for Christmas Eve dinner to driving to look at Christmas lights to helping stuff the stockings with chocolate oranges and “marshmallow Santas” (I was only trusted to start doing that a few years ago, like a real adult!), my family always gets me in the mood for the holidays.

Not everyone has a good relationship with their family–or family at all. I recognize that I’m lucky to get along with everyone enough to spend Christmas together and not dread it, to actually have a good time all around. The holiday season is hard for a lot of people. It’s accompanied by a lot of anxiety and seasonal depression to top it off. Be kind to others–ALWAYS. I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if people took a step back and considered those around them. Being kind and generous can be difficult, especially if someone doesn’t reciprocate (or actively fights against it). But everything is temporary and everything ends, including the days you spend with any one individual.

If you’re out and about this holiday season, don’t be shy to wish some happy holidays to someone else. Maybe they won’t appreciate it–but maybe they will. And be kind to your family members and those you may be obligated to see. I know it can be easier said than done. But it has to start somewhere. “Be the change you want to see in the world” and all that.

So safe travels to everyone, stay warm during this storm, and check in on your loved ones. Happy holidays from The Write Place!