Guest Interview 2 (Part 2)

This is the second part of my interview with my guest speaker, Laurel, covering a variety of experiences related to her BPD diagnosis and the misdiagnoses that preceeded it. Short entry, but this covers her experience with school leading up to high school graduation, including going to an alternative school.

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Guest Interview 2 (Part 1)

Part 1 of my guest interview featuring young woman Laurel and her experiences with borderline personality disorder. She has a history of being misdiagnosed, as is common with people with borderline personality disorder.

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Episode 43 – Diagnosing Schizophrenia (Part 7)

Here are my original diagnoses and my current ones, made years apart by two different doctors. I speak on the effects of the medications I’m on and what I still experience after the major psychotic episode I went through. This is the final post in this little series of posts.

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Episode 42 – Diagnosing Schizophrenia (Part 6)

As time passed, the mental illness started to affect my school life more and more. I developed self-destructive habits and got into unhealthy relationships while the anxiety and schizophrenia continued to wreak havoc on my ability to function.

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Episode 41 – Diagnosing Schizophrenia (Part 5)

I recall a few specific incidents after the move to Missoula, some aspects of how schizophrenia affected school, and how it caused me to develop panic disorder, which I am still recovering from. I mention the comfort of music and a memory of my first friend in Missoula.

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Episode 40 – Diagnosing Schizophrenia (Part 4)

In this part, I expand on my experience with my romantic relationship around the mid-point of my major psychotic episode, especially during an exotic trip with him. This includes how the voices reacted to him, his mental illness, and how that affected me.

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Episode 39 – Diagnosing Schizophrenia (Part 3)

In this third installment, I explain why I quit the volleyball team, how schizophrenia stole soccer from me, and a brief bit about my withdrawal from my social groups.

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