New Patreon!

I’ve created a Patreon page for the short stories I write! I might include poetry too, whenever I write some, but this will mostly be for short stories. I range from romance to horror to drama. I have one up so far and will add more soon! I’m going on a ten-day vacation soon so I will have plenty of time to write. Below is the link:

As always, check out my gaming YouTube channel at:

I have an assortment of games on there, including horror games like Amnesia, platformers like Dust: An Elysian Tail, and first-person shooters like BioShock. More to come! Subscribe and show my channel some love.

Lastly, follow me on social media for more regular updates! I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok – the links are at the top and bottom of this page. I’m most active on Twitter.

Thank you! Stay safe out there.

Published by Rawry

I'm just a writer and gamer living in the middle of nowhere..

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