Guest Interview 2 (Part 4)

Rory:  So you said that, right now, you’re in a pretty good spot. Is part of that due to any treatment you’re getting for the borderline?

Laurel:  Definitely. I think it’s all due to the treatment that I’ve been doing honestly, because I found the best therapist I’ve ever had in my life in January. I’ve been her for eight months, and sadly we just had our last session a few days ago. But I’m hopeful that, since I’m also in DBT, which has drastically improved my life. I’m still gonna be doing that for the next two months. And I think that as long as I’m still in DBT, and hopefully I like this new therapist that I’m gonna be seeing enough to keep seeing her. Yeah, I think once I get through DBT… I don’t know. We’ll see.

But I think that the DBT has been the biggest help for my improvements. It’s helping me learn how to force myself out of my comfort zone and to follow my intuition and respect my own values. And it’s helping me figure out, like, who I am and what I want for my life. Because when you’re doing DBT, you’re doing it for yourself. I mean, even if you go into it thinking, like, “This is going to improve my relationship,” or whatever, you’re getting treatment for your issues. And that’s the biggest thing that can help you, is acknowledging, “I have problems that I need to solve,” and that’s what you’re doing in DBT.

Rory:  I’ve noticed, with mine–you know, I’m also doing a comprehensive program–that the way it works… As it gets you to work for yourself, then it starts to get easier to do things for yourself rather than for someone else. Then you start to realize how much you matter to yourself.

Laurel:  Yes. That’s a great way to put it. Yeah. When you’re in a relationship where you start to lose that sense of self, you don’t even really… It’s hard to even realize it.

Rory:  Yeah, like you mentioned how in your relationships when you would kind of put school aside and focus entirely on your relationship. I have done the same thing. And with me, it’s, like, attachment issues. I get so attached that they become my priority, like, above all. And I don’t matter myself, they matter entirely.

Laurel:  Yes, yeah.

Rory:  And this DBT program has helped me get out of that a bit and realize my own worth to myself.
Laurel:  Me, too. Yeah.

To be continued…

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